Health authorities in Rome, Italy, confirmed on Wednesday that a nurse who tested positive for the Ebola virus after returning from Sierra Leone was admitted to a specialist hospital in Rome, while three people who came into contact with him have been quarantined.
Dr Emanuele Nicastri of the Spallanzani Hospital, who specialised in highly infectious diseases, said at a press conference that the nurse has been transferred to Rome by the air force.
The nurse, 37, returned home on Friday, and felt the first symptoms of the Ebola virus disease two days later, and his blood sample tested positive for the deadly virus.
“At the time of admission, the patient was feverish, alert and cooperative,” Nicastri said.
According to Luigi Arru, the Regional Alderman for Health, three people were placed in quarantine in Sassari, the hospital where the Ebola patient was first taken on Monday.
“Healthcare workers of the Hospital in Sassari, who examined the patient, were well equipped with personal protective equipment and are now under surveillance, as well as the close contacts of the case,” he said.
The World Health Organisation said the nurse worked in Sierra Leone for the emergency medical charity and flew from Freetown to Rome via Casablanca. The WHO added that it was not necessary to screen other passengers because he developed symptoms more than 72 hours after the last flight.
It was the second Ebola case to be treated in Italy, and the first detected in Italy.

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