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For a true democratic Nigeria, the United States-based Chairman of Igbo World Assembly, (IWA) Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze has said that South East presidency is critical thing every Igbo and Nigerians should support unconditionally, in 2015.


Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze

Anakwnze in a statement noted that it was time for Ndi Igbo to reclaim their place in history, adding that to achieve this, Igbo community at home and diaspora must speak with one voice.

According to him, Igbo has no king syndrome was the biggest obstacle facing Igbo extraction.

“This has led some of our leaders and high powered sons and daughters to actually battle for power against each other rather than unite to fight for a common goal with one voice and push to create an Igbo nation that not only thrives but flourishes whilst providing life’s basics necessity for the ethnic group,” he said.

He said his group supports the renewed dialogue between Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo and other groups particularly in the South-south zone adding that there is need to work together on matters of common interest, on how to reinforce the friendship and brotherliness between the zone and Igbo nation.

According to him, the South-south and the Igbo Nation have been neighbours and brothers for thousands of years, and the present generation must continue to fuel that flame of friendship that existed in the past.

“We are concerned that our language and culture is dying slowly. We have millions of young Ndi Igbo born in foreign lands that cannot speak Igbo and only slightly understand our culture. If this is not quickly reversed, our status will continue to evaporate as already predicted by some experts,” he continued stressing on the need for Ndi Igbo to bring their foreign-born ones home periodically so that appropriate cultural values and education can be effectively taught to them through our Igbo based universities.

“We are asking the Federal Government to start considering the idea of convening a national conference which will offer the various units of the country an opportunity to discuss solution to the fragile unity of Nigeria and the terms of living together. Nigerian unity can only be based on fairness, justice and equity of each of the federating units.

“We have heard of speculations and suggestions that Ndiigbo should wait to occupy the Presidency in 2019 or 2023. Why must we wait until 2019 or 2023? It is detrimental to Ndiigbo to depend on promises by those who have a knack for continuously shifting the goal post. Ndiigbo must be ready to win the Presidency in 2015 rather than wait to be handed the exalted position by those that always use Ndiigbo as a pawn in a chess game” he noted.

In the area of infrastructural development, he advocated that the federal government to should rationalize the Akanu Ibiam Airport, having been upgraded to international standard.

Upgrading the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport and conducting much needed repairs from Enugu to Port Harcourt Road, Onitsha to Enugu Road, among others, he said are paramount to infrastructural growth and development of our people.

Accordingly, the IWA Chairman said that the group was advocating for immediate construction of the second Niger Bridge and intervention in the 2000 active erosion sites in the Igboland especially Oko- Ekwolobia nd Nanka Erosion menace and building of coal-fired plant and the reactivation of coal mines at Enugu.


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One Thought on “Diaspora Group Canvases for Igbo Presidency in 2015

  1. Anayochukwu Ugwu Anayo on March 10, 2012 at 10:58 am said:

    It is disheartening that Igbo nation is continually relagated to the background in the issues concerning Nigeria which affect it greatly especially bordering leadership. How can you justify the situation where Ndiigbo is told to wait till further notice for their turn to occupy coveted presidency of this great nation. Why are Ndiigbo seen to be traitors by the whole six geopolitical zone except the south-south? We are all witness to gruesome murder of people of Igbo extraction in the name of Boko Haram sponsored by some powerful northern politicians who feel they have been short-changed by the current political structure in Nigeria. I can not justify all these.
    I am strongly in support of IGBO presidency come 2015. I t is Ndiigbo’s turn now or never. We should starting the preparation now because the time is near. This will help avoid fire brigade approach to issues. Our people should unite to acheive this gigantic project of historic importance for our world, our nation and our dear Igbo nation.
    My take on the extinction of Igbo language and culture is that we shoul focus our attention on our children on teaching them from childhood to appreciate our rich culture and language. The teaching should start in our homes and not in the schools where in some places Igbo history is not taught. We should also make compulsory for any Igbo child who wants to study in Igbo-based universities to have at least a credit in Igbo language to qualify for admission and Igbo language taught in such universities like say “use of Igbo language”.
    I wish to hear from you soon. I am base in NIGERIA our dear country.

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