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Almost all Nigerians have unflinching and implicit confidence in the leadership of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari. This has been demonstrated by the voters in electing him as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.Buhari

Nigeria has yet to be developed and safe enough to allow Buhari and his entourage to wait for the red light while obeying traffic rules. The security and safety of his life, high hopes on him and exigencies of his expected official state duties do not support his waiting for traffic control.

Nigerians will excuse him and his entourage in traffic. No laws without some sort of exception to those deserving of it. The escorts should use their intelligence to ensure safety of our leaders and to drive on the red light because the president-elect may be reluctant to reverse his directive.

History should remind us of the Col B.S. Dimka’s assassination of Gen Murtala Muhammed in the traffic at Onikan, Lagos in February 1976. The country’s security then was better than it is now.

Finally, security should be highly tightened to protect our leaders especially the President-elect not only on the roads, but also at every place and time now, on the swearing-in day and afterwards.

Though only God can secure man, however, what God makes man to know and able to do, God may not interfere with it.

Revd. Solomon O. Olutola,

7/9 Olutola Street, Ojodu Abiodun,

Ogun State, oladapo.dr@gmail.com,


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