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President Muhammadu Buhari has thrown his support towards move by Rev. Sister Mary-Jude Therese Nwodo led Association for Moral Education to reintroduce moral education as a core subject in the curriculum of schools across the country.

Buhari’s support for strenghtening of moral education in schools comes against the backdrop of the positive interest he was showing towards the seminar scheduled for Awka from 14th to 18th July, 2015 at which lead papers dealing with how to strenghten moral education in schools would be presented by the speakers invited by the Nigerian branch Asociation For Moral Education,a United States of America based body.

The National Coordinator of Association For Moral Education, Reverend Sister Mary- Jude Therese Nwodo who spoke to journalists in Awka, yesterday,on the import of the seminar her group would be staging in Awka later this month,said they sent an invitation to Mr President to be the chief guest of honour at the seminar and they got a message that he ( Buhari) has shown positive interest to it.

“We are expecting that Buhari would be in attendance or send a representative”,Sister Mary-Jude stressed.

She stated they will at the said seminar bring together key professionals from different religions to fashion the best and appropriate curriculum for moral education to guide the society well.

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