British voters are heading to the polls on Thursday May 7, 2015 in an election, which analysts believe will result in a hung parliament.

A hung parliament is when no single party holds a majority of the 650 seats in the House of Commons.

Voting started across the country at 0600 GMT and will close at 2100 GMT.

The major parties contesting the election include the Conservative Party, which entered into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats at the last election in 2010, which ended Labour’s 13-year rule.

Small parties like the Scottish National Party and the right wing UK Independence Party are also in the election.

Voting will tale place in about 50,000 polling stations which dot the country, including in unusual places like pubs, caravans and even garages.

Since it seems that no party will win a majority, analysts believe that assembling a government may some time, although it tales only few hours to count the votes.

“This election looks likely to shatter the two-party system of government that has existed in Britain since the end of the second World War,” Lee, Aljazeera’s correspondent in London reported.

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