Daji Sani Yola

A suicide bomber has struck Garkida town of Gombi local government area in Adamawa state, killing 10 persons on the spot and injuring several others, the first since the Boko Haram onslaught started in the north-eastern part of country about six years ago,.Boko-Haram-fighters

It was gathered that the injured have been taken to the hospital for medical attention.

An eyewitness account said that the suicide bomber detonated the bomb at a weekly cattle market in Garkida town about 2 pm.

He said that the bomb blast had led to serious apprehension as many feared that more of such attacks may be under way.

He ecpressed the belief that the Boko Haram members had regrouped and recruited a large number of suicide bombers to unleash future attacks on the state.

Reports coming from the area gave different versions of the incident as some said a suicide bomber pretending to be a potential customer at the market detonated the bomb while another version has it that the bomb was actually planted at the gate of the market.

Another eyewitness reported that since the incident took place when the market was at the peak of activities, there were many casualties.

However the state police command has confirmed that seven people dead from the bomb blast.

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