By Ade Ojeikere


Nigerian gets 100% of their votes

BLACKBURN ROVERS FC of England’s fans have voted 100 per cent in support of Nigeria international Yakubu Aiyegbeni as the club’s best buy and greatest performer in recent times.



Writing in the club’s Twitter page on Monday, the fans were asked to vote using the following criteria; hot; not or needs more time.

The fans all voted Yak as very hot adding that: “Was it ever in doubt? After signing on an undisclosed fee, rumoured to be around the 1-1.5 million pound mark, Yakubu has been a raving success at Ewood Park, knocking in 14 Premier League goals, playing as the lone target man.

“Whilst other clubs splashed around 50 million pounds on a striker, our bargin (sic) signing has lived up to his tag line… ‘Feed the Yak and he Will Score’.

The votes are in and have been counted as follows: Hot 100%; Not 0%; Needs More Time! 0%.”

In fact, one fan, Sasman wrote in Blackburn’s website on Monday at 12: 23 am that: “Too easy for the Yak! Now let’s get back on the score sheet, it’s been while!”


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