As the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, prepares to slam the former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, with fresh charges tomorrow, Sunday Vanguard has been able to exclusively obtain the purported statements made by Apagun  Oluwole Olumide to the Commission before his death.

Also, Sunday Vanguard  accessed what appeared to be the text message said to have been sent by the Apagun, moments before he died that fateful Friday night of March 16, 2012 – Read a bumper exclusive package next Sunday.Olumide, an Egba High Chief, who was 70, reportedly committed suicide.


Late Apagun Oluwole Olumide and Otunba Gbenga Daniel

Daniel had, last month, been cleared by an Abeokuta High Court, presided over  by Justice Mabekoje.

Tomorrow’s fresh charges, it has been learnt, would be presented before the same judge.

Daniel alleges threat to life

And in what appeared to be a new but dangerous twist, the former governor, yesterday, raised an alarm that some persons were colluding “to physically eliminate me in detention”.

Daniel made the allegation in response to posers presented to him by Sunday Vanguard on the fresh charges that would be brought against him tomorrow, concluding thus: “Please inform all that as I am being re arraigned in court on Monday, I still insist that NO DIME of Ogun state funds is missing not to talk of stolen. I committed no offence but only a victim of the worst form of political persecution in our land.”

Apagun’s statements

The statements by Apagun, dated March 6, March 7 and signed March 15, 2012, to the EFCC  were made about his businesses (and specifically projects undertaken by him for the Ogun State Government during the tenure of  Daniel) and the mode of funding for the businesses.

His opening statements to the EFCC  read:

“I, APAGUN S.O. OLUMIDE, having been duly cautioned in English Language that I am not obliged to say anything unless I wish to do so and that whatever I (said) will be taken down in writing and maybe given in evidence, I freely elect to state as follows…”

After personal introduction of his person, he went on:

“I am a  property developer. I work with several companies and presently in private architectural company called Darchiwork Group. I participated in several building projects, including commercial, residential and institutional development.

“I am also the chairman of the Board of Directors of Abeokuta Golf Resort currently developing a mix-used resort facility in Abeokuta. Today, at about 5.00 p.m., officers from EFCC came to me in Abeokuta and I was invited to follow them to their offices in Ikoyi.

When I got to that place, I was told that I was invited to say what I know. “The meeting I mentioned about was a discussion between me and those who came to see me in connection with the publication they read about me in newspapers that the C of O of Abeokuta Golf International Limited was revoked by the State Government of Ogun based on mis-information.

Sometime in 2005, we applied for a parcel of land along the Presidential Boulevard for the development of a four-star hotel and we were given an allocation for the development of the proposed hotel. The C of O was given in the name of Golf Place Resort Hotel Limited…..”

He then went on to list the financiers of the Golf Resort project:

“In addition to … statement of yesterday 6th March 2012 I, wish to add that the development of the Golf Place Resort Hotel is being handled by four major investors to the best of my knowledge. These are Messrs …..…. Investment Ltd, Mr Yomi Fadoju, Messrs Kresla Laurel and Otunba Alex Onabanjo who sourced most of the other investors”.

It was discovered from the copy of the statement in the possession of Sunday Vanguard that the Apagun directed the Commission to actually go after Daniel to get further information on any form of alleged malfeasance when he said: “These companies and personalities are best to inform EFCC the various sources of fund already inject into the project to date”.

Sunday Vanguard was also able to access what appeared to be Apagun’s last text message while investigations are on to engage a fuller verification and confirmation of same.

In the text, he implored the receiver to “just look for my body at the bottom of Lake Toria. Everything has become very shameful…. Iku ya ju esin lo…. Accept my apology for this action of mine. Enough is enough…. Lisabi wo ile, Apagunpote wo Odo ooooo”.

Names of some prominent personalities in the state were mentioned as having been very supportive.


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