By Nicholas Ibekwe:

The Nigerian Army has denied the statement credited to the Chief of Army Staff, Abdulrahman Dambazau that “he is only loyal to President Yar’Adua and no one else.”

In a statement signed by Chris Olukolade, the director of army public relations, the army described the comment made by Joe Igbokwe, the publicity secretary of the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress (AC), as “completely unfortunate”, adding that Mr. Igbokwe’s comments is a “denigration of the person of Gen. Dambazau and the Nigerian Army as a whole” and “were meant to put words in the mouth of the army chief”.

The statement further said that Mr. Igbokwe was yet to state “when, where and to whom Gen. Dambazau made the statement they now attribute to him.”

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Who said it?

Interestingly, in a telephone interview with NEXT, Mr. Igbokwe sounded incoherent and was unable to state where and when Mr. Dambazau made the statement.

“I read it em… I read it em… just like any other … I wasn’t the first to say it,” Mr. Igbokwe stammered. “It’s all over the place now.”

When pressed further to state specifically at what venue Mr. Dambazau made the statement, Mr. Igbokwe asked our reporter to go and search for it on the world wide web.

“Go to the internet,” he said. “Before I even said it, Ijaw people led by Clark… yes, it is David Clark. Quote it as it is. Quote what you saw there. Use what you saw there.”

Getting bolder, he added: “Go and do more investigation. “If you don’t know that there is a power game going on in Abuja, I won’t tell you.”

When asked if he personally interviewed Mr Dambazau, he retorted, “Am I a reporter? I’m not a reporter; I am a spokesperson of the party. Is not that I cannot remember. Just ignore me.” Meanwhile, the army’s statement proceeded to “reassure Nigerians that it has not shifted from its commitment to the tenets of democracy and absolute loyalty to constituted civil authorities”.

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3 Thoughts on “Army denies Dambazau’s alleged statement

  1. Isk .I. on February 27, 2010 at 6:27 pm said:

    This is rediculous and what those those Army guys take all Nigerian for ? fools, don’t they realease that their action speak louder than their words. If at any time they regarded Acting president Goodluck Jonathan as the commander in chief, how come the acting president was not aware of the troops movement like Kay y y said?

  2. Brown- USA on February 27, 2010 at 5:04 pm said:

    I am fully in support of Mr. Kay. For how long will this barbaric and uncivilized power game continue in Nigeria?. So why should the military be deployed to the airport and other strategic positions cos the president was coming in from Saudi trip? Why should there be power outage at the airport and cell phones of the said military men on guard were seized? Why was the Vice president not informed?. Was the chief of army staff not aware of this deployment? who ordered it then? The sick president? A committee should be set up immediately by the senate to investigate this attempted coup.

  3. This is a meaningless statement from the Nigerian Army. It is hollow and bereft of common sense. The empty play of meaningless words and attack on patriotic activists did not address the most relevant issues, which are, Did the Acting President know about the troop movement?, if not why not? Jonathan could easily have been arrested and killed under that kind of irresponsible action! Nigerians are too intelligent for this kind of ostrich game.

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