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AFTER passing a vote of no confidence on the 19 northern states governors for their inability to chart purposeful development path for the North, Arewa youths have also blamed them for the level of insecurity pervading the region.

The youths, under the aegis of Arewa Civil Societies Forum (CSF), yesterday said the outcome of the Northern State Governors Forum (NSGF) held in Kaduna on Thursday confirmed their fears that the Governors have not developed a well conceived agenda for the development and growth of the north.

In a statement issued and signed by the leaders, Mallam Mohammed Murtala and Abdullahi Ladan, the Forum said the initial confidence the people in the north had in their governors to address the issues of poverty and lack of development nbso in the region, “has made many people to give the NSGF the benefit of doubt that perhaps, the Governors Forum may act in practical manner, in line with the expectation of many northerners, to bring about lasting resolutions to the developmental challenges facing northern Nigeria.”,

They added: “These expectations were dashed and many of the problems that brought the region to its present sorry state, which we are today, have not been captured by the governors.”

The youths argued: “Such issues as how the Governors Forum intend to end poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, youth unemployment, resuscitation of our dead textile industries and many other moribund industries… have been shelved aside.”

They also lamented the leaders inaction on the “unresolved issues of the abrogation of onshore/offshore dichotomy Bill (2002) sent to the National Assembly,” while also seeking to know what solutions the governors have for the unending ethno-religious conflict in the region.

“As critical stakeholders, we want to draw your attention to the fact that we, the neglected youths of northern Nigeria, are not impressed by this rituals of frequent meetings that have never produced any positive results to our lives. This is akin to an ill wind that blows us no good.

“You can now return to Abuja to continue with your deception in the name of addressing the problems of Northern Nigeria.”


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