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In Kano, security agents, acting on tip-off, seal off another bomb-making house

FROM the outside, the building at the Haye Hotoro Arewa area of Kano metropolis was just like any other, unremarkable, almost nondescript.
There was nothing anyone could see that would give away the nefarious activities that went on within.

And had those activities gone on uninterrupted, it is likely many lives would have come under threat again in the city.

Thanks to vigilant residents, as the Joint Task Force was alerted and the house was raided during which it was discovered to be another bomb- making facility.

Found in the building, believed to be owned by members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect, were improvised explosive devices in various containers, charcoal, liquid substances, household items and leaflets and poster with the images of the late leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden.

Spokesperson of the Joint Task Force, Lt. Ikedichi Iweha who conducted reporters round the facility disclosed that the discovery came after his men closed in on one of the kingpins of the Islamic group in the area.

He said unfortunately, the main target of the raid, a kingpin of the violent sect who relocated to Kano recently escaped, moments before his men seized the facility.

He also said that his men took two women and scores of children into custody after the raid, which took place at about 2.00a.m.

According to him: “This is one of the houses the elements use to make bombs. We are happy we have been able to prevent another civilian casualty.    “Yesterday, we got apt information that one of them recently moved into this area.

“As you can see some of the explosives here, are being primed to achieve their devilish intention but God will not allow this to happen again.

“We have made some arrests, and we have two women and some children in our custody even though the main person we came for had escaped.”

Iweha, who expressed gratitude to the Kano community for availing the JTF of vital information on the activities of the sect members, remarked that more information was required, considering the fact that the war against the insurgents was still on.

He said: “Our war with these elements is not over yet. We want the peace- loving people of Kano to keep giving us information.

“Kano people should not be afraid to do that. We will treat all those that do that with utmost confidentiality. We want the people of Kano to be safe, which we are already striving hard to do.

“Imagine what would have happened if that drum that is being primed is detonated where people are carrying out their lawful means of livelihood. Thank God, we nipped the satanic act in the bud.”

Iweha disclosed that the bomb facility structure would be reduced to rubbles.

Security was tight in the area as armoured personnel carriers, stern-looking soldiers and plain-clothed security personnel were all over the area, which is gradually becoming one of the densely populated parts of the Kano metropolis.


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