by Adelani Adepegba, Abuja


The death of a showbiz promoter, George Oni, at Nanet Hotel Club, Abuja, has been attributed to a push which led to a fall and resulted in cerebral haemorrhage.
A post-mortem carried out at the National Hospital indicated that the deceased was either pushed or hit hard on the right side of the head and he fell hitting his head on the floor.

He suffered scalp laceration on the left part of the head, and cerebral edema, according to the autopsy dated April 14, 2012.

The report showed that the deceased was healthy before the fall in the early hours of April 7, 2012.

It reads, “The subject (George) suffered head injury from traumatic fall and had scalp laceration on the left temporal areola, cerebral edema (brain swelling) and intra-cranial haemorrhage (bleeding within the skull).”

The autopsy brings a new dimension to the incident, suggesting that there might be a foul play in the death of the proprietor of Event Circle.

George had visited the club in company with friends. He was reportedly dancing with two ladies and a friend, Gbenga Adeyinka, when he fell and subsequently died.

The post-mortem raises questions about the earlier claims that George simply slumped as he danced with an unnamed lady. It is also ironic that the deceased did not fall into other dancers since he was not alone on the dancing floor.

His brother, Osimeme Oni, said the family would not relent until they unravelled the circumstances behind George’s death. He added that it was imperative that the police exposed the person that pushed George.

Oni said the police had invited six persons that witnessed the incident namely Fred Bright, Adeyinka, Bimbo Kodumi, an unnamed lady and two of the club’s bouncers.

He said while Bright and the club’s bouncers had made statements to detectives, Adeyinka, Bimbo and the unnamed lady had not honoured police invitation.

He stated that as soon as the remaining invitees honoured the invitation, the police would proceed with their investigation.

Oni wondered why the club manager initially denied the incident when he was questioned about it before he later admitted that it happened at the club.

“I don’t know why the club manager had to deny the incident and am troubled by this,” he said.

The hotel’s Manager, Mr. Patrick Onyiloke, had refuted the allegation that they denied the incident, insisting that they lodged a formal report with the police on Easter Monday.

But Bright stated that he was at the bar ordering drinks when someone called his attention to George who was lying on the floor. He explained that he did not know why Adeyinka had not honoured police invitation.

He said, “Adeyinka was supposed to make a statement to the police along with the two girls, but we didn’t see them last week. We waited for them, but they didn’t show up at the police station; I can’t say why he didn’t come.

“George was my very good friend and there was no way someone would push him while I was there.”

Doris Egberamem, a worker with George’s company, expressed shock at her boss’ death, saying she chatted with him on BlackBerry messenger a few hours before his tragic end.

She said, “George was an inspiration to a lot of young talents in Abuja and Ghana. A few weeks ago, he organised a show for the student community in Ghana where he made a lot of contacts.

“ I left Accra about three weeks ago abandoning my education and business just to condole with his family. We want to know the cause of the death of our mentor; we are not satisfied with the explanations given to us about the cause of death.”

The FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Moshood Jimoh, stated that investigation was continuing.


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